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HitchLocker is a design and manufacturing company offering innovative solutions to provide quick installation and removal of a variety of hitch products. 

We give you peace of mind knowing you’re safe and secure using our towing products.

Our story, like so many others, begins in a garage developing products as a sideline business.  We sold our basic product to a few local stores.  As people became familiar with what we had, they showed so much interest in our innovations that they began requesting variations of our products to fit their particular needs and wants.

A couple local investors saw our products and offered the financial backing necessary to take this nationwide in exchange for a partnership where we could give the public something unique and beneficial.  The products we offer now include the variations our local customers were looking for.

We continue to innovate with a variety of other products in the pipeline.  Our head of product development has 5 patents from previous ventures and our current products have 2 patents pending.  We are veteran owned and our products are assembled in Dexter, MO providing jobs to the local community.

Engineered & Assembled in the Heart of the USA

Quality Construction from Start to Finish

Using machinery and presses designed and developed right here at HitchLocker, we assemble each hitch by hand, ensuring each and every one meets the highest level of quality assurance.

Every Hitch is Carefully Constructed to offer the best in quality and performance.

All LockJaw products meet J684 standards and are torqued to proper specifications.

Experience the Simplicity

In Just 40 SEconds

This remarkable hitch features automatically retracting pins so you no longer have to deal with skinned knuckles, lost pins or lost keys to your lock. The quickest hitch available to install or remove. See it in action today!

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